Quality Product

We inspect all the products we sell. Worried that you will be overwhelmed by the vast array of items available, or would not be able to find the item you are looking for? You can also check the products in the offline store.


Price for Less

Priced as closely as items purchased directly from Korea, products are going at low prices unlike Korean items found in most shops in Singapore. This means you no longer have to wait for a friend to travel to Korea just so that you can obtain affordable yet quality Korean items.


Fast Delivery

After ordering, you can receive the product within a next days.
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Your One Stop Shop For All Things Korean

Now you don' have to ask my friends visiting Korea to have Korean products. You can purchase Korean products like a local store in Singapore.

Our vision

We are trying to promote the excellence of Korean products and provide the best purchasing experience to customers who want to purchase them. We will expand to the entire Southeast Asian market in this year.

Who we are?

KSLINK which runs SINGSING MART, has been distributing Korean products worldwide since 2012. We are an expert in online distribution and know more about the products that Singapore customers want.

Cooperate with Us!

Do you like K POP? or interested in K Snack and Korean culture? You running a channel or a blog related to Korea? It sounds Great! We run a variety of affiliate programs. Please contact We want to grow up with you.

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